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Four Best Appliances to Make Eco-Friendly Kitchen

To promote green kitchen appliances, the DOE and EPA use Energy Star programs. Many of us have seen the yellow stickers with the Energy Star logo. But do we know what these stickers mean? An appliance must use between 10% and 66% less energy or water to qualify for Energy Star. It must not compromise the quality of the home tools or sacrifice additional features. Green kitchen appliances cost more, but the savings pay off quickly. It is an excellent way to find the most efficient and energy-efficient appliances. If you plan to make your kitchen more eco-friendly, you can check out the houseshop page. Here are some tips to help you choose the best kitchen devices;

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Cast iron or stainless steel cookware is placed on an induction coil. It excites the molecules in the cookware and generates heat. The process is not compatible with glass cookware, and aluminum reduces efficiency. Induction cooking is more efficient and faster than traditional methods. Induction cooking only heats the pot directly. It does not heat the stove or the air around it. The efficiency of induction cooking is 84%. For gas stoves, the efficiency is usually around 40%. It could be your favorite eco-friendly appliance for cooking.

Hybrid Solar Ovens

eco kitchen applianceHybrid solar ovens can reach temperatures up to 400 degrees. Full solar ovens do not need electricity. Besides, they rely solely on solar energy. The hybrid version is based on the same principle but has an electrical backup when solar power is not available. You might be wondering why you will need this tool. However, it could be beneficial to save some powers. It means that you can contribute more to eco-friendly campaigns.

Refrigerator and Freezer

Side-by-side refrigerators use about 10 percent more electricity than the top and bottom options. Avoid ice makers, which require electricity to produce ice. Avoid automatic heaters and defrosters. Your total electric bill will be 15% higher if you have a refrigerator. If you can’t buy all the green kitchen appliances at once, get this one first. The “energy advisor” label, in yellow and black, shows how much energy each model uses. Here’s how much energy each model and brand consumes.


electric dishwasherDishwashers use about six times more water and soap than hand washing. They also use half as much energy. A dishwasher should have an auxiliary heater and an electric dryer that can be turned on and off. Even if you think a smaller motor will reduce energy consumption, a larger engine will prevent the dishwasher from running another cycle. The spray power needed to clean heavy dishes is not available with smaller motors. Look for models that are water efficient. These models use half the water of regular dishwashers and have automatic sensors that detect how dirty the dishes are.